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Discovery Land - Tuesday, September 29, 2015
As we looked forward to fall kick off, my goal was to enjoy the journey of ministry; to look for where God was working, rejoice in that work, and keep my eyes focused on Him. I was going to run strong, leap challenging hurdles, and sprint up the hills of ministry. This sounds awesome, doesn't it? Like a worthy goal?

But what happens when you're not leaping over anything? Or you're limping instead of sprinting? What do you do when God takes you to the desert, where your convictions are tested under pressure? In those times, the joy of the journey can feel more like a twisted ankle with asphalt shavings in your face while sliding under a hurdle. Can you be joyful in the journey when it feels like that?

As always, God's Word has the answer. As I'm reviewing a lesson for the upcoming months, I find Jesus in the desert in Matthew 4 -- not by a pool or getting a tan with a fan slowly waving over him. He was being tested and he was staying strong in extremely difficult conditions. The one thing that kept him focused was the Word of God. Yes, the very thing we teach our children each week. With the Word we can walk forward and continue the journey that God has planned out before us. Knowing that it is His plan can give us the courage to keep going and help us to sit back, rest and enjoy the journey.
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